Lodging, transportation, and more.


We wish we could host you all in our apartment, but the line for the bathroom would be too long! Here are some places we recommend that are within a 10-15 minute drive from the Seattle downtown area (and the venue). We encourage you to shop around, but book your stay soon — July is a popular time for visiting Seattle.

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You can take the light rail from the airport to downtown Seattle (Westlake Center, the last stop) for $5. It takes about 45 minutes and from Westlake Center, you can take a cab to your hotel. If you prefer taking a taxi directly from the airport, expect about $50 and 30 minutes to get to the downtown area.

If you are new to Seattle, we recommend you use taxis or rent a car to get around during the weekend. If you’ve been to Seattle before or are comfortable with mass transit, then Seattle’s bus system is a great alternative. We recommend you use Google Maps’ public transit feature to navigate and use OneBusAway for real-time arrival times because buses often run late.


Seattle is gorgeous in July. It should be clear and sunny with temperatures ranging from 57°F to 76°F. There will be no gray or rain. Promise.